Public Launch of All In Augusta – An Economic Development Campaign

Staff Report From Augusta CEO

Monday, October 1st, 2018

All In Augusta is an economic development initiative seeking to enhance and accelerate community and tourism development through private and public investment.
All In Augusta is led by the Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) alongside more than 50 local, corporate, and community leaders, as well as elected officials.   Projects supported by the All In Augusta campaign were first identified in Destination Blueprint, which launched in February 2017, and endorsed by a 50+ Strategic Planning Task Force of community leaders.
All In campaign leaders have been meeting privately with members of the community informing them of the initiative and seeking annual pledges for a 5-year commitment.  To date the All in Augusta campaign has raised $1.5 million towards the $6 million goal.
Former Augusta Mayor and entrepreneur, Deke Copenhaver, is serving as the All In Augusta Campaign Chair. Of the All in Augusta campaign Copenhaver says, “The beauty is that no matter if you can give $100,000 or $100, there's a place for you. The ACVB is bringing people together to capitalize on this once-in-a-generation opportunity we have to enhance Augusta's popularity as a year-round destination, a place where you can live, work, play, and raise a family.”
ACVB Board Chair Phil Wahl says, “Investment in the All In campaign is about investing in jobs and growth for the Augusta community.  This initiative allows us to develop projects that will, in turn, result in an increase in hospitality and other industry related jobs, direct visitor spending, and improve Augusta’s quality of place for locals.”
Bennish Brown, President & CEO of the ACVB said, “The timing is right for the All In Augusta campaign.  People are looking for an action-oriented plan and this is it.  The ACVB is the quarterback leading a great team of partners like the Greater Augusta Arts Council, Downtown Development Authority, Augusta Canal, and others to lead the projects included in the All In plan.  This is a collaborative team effort with qualified projects to pursue.”
All In Augusta Projects

Tell Our Story – While Augusta’s story began long ago, the city must focus on telling it in a way that is in tune with its heritage, while ensuring that new chapters focus on its future.

Enhance Downtown Augusta – In order to draw attention to the city’s unique stories, Augusta must link development along the river with the revitalization of the downtown area.

Develop New Attractions – In our changing economy, people increasingly seek the best surroundings and quality of place along with an active, engaged local community.