Youth Leadership Columbia County Class of 2020 Announcement

Staff Report From Augusta CEO

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the Youth Leadership Columbia County Class of 2020.

The 2020 class is comprised of 30 students, who represent five Columbia County public schools and two private schools in our area. The juniors and sophomores are some of the best and brightest among their peers, excelling in leadership, academics, athletics, music and the arts.

Youth Leadership Columbia County is a program designed to educate through experience and motivate young leaders and enable them to take an active role in their community. Students interact with community leaders and decision makers and are exposed to community needs, issues and resources. Throughout the nine-month program, students focus on different aspects of our community including law enforcement, government, business and industry, technology, media, marketing and healthcare. For more information about the Youth Leadership program, visit

The Youth Leadership Columbia County Class of 2020 includes:

Madison Brueilly, Greenbrier

Peter Christine, Greenbrier

Thomas Dowling, Greenbrier

Pryce Drafts, Augusta Christian

Marisa Gallo, Lakeside

Kyla Gray, Greenbrier

Emorie Holland, Greenbrier

James Ivey, Greenbrier

Connor Javaheri, Augusta Prep

Nathan Judson, Harlem

Mackenzie Klecha, Greenbrier

Shivum Lal, Lakeside

Christine Lee, Greenbrier

Riley Macisak, Greenbrier

Jack Matthews, Lakeside

Medina McCowin, Greenbrier

Hartley McKinzie, Greenbrier

Alexandria Meyers, Greenbrier

Olivia Neely, Greenbrier

Caroline Nowatkowski, Greenbrier

Julia Osborn, Greenbrier

Emma Page, Harlem

Aaron Quashie, Evans

Annie Rippy, Greenbrier

Kendall Swafford, Greenbrier

Morgan-Ashley Symonds, Harlem

Etta Thomas, Greenbrier

Breonda Turner, Grovetown

Spencer Wiley, Augusta Christian

Addison Wilson, Greenbrier