Alison South Marketing Expands Services and Resources

Staff Report

Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Alison South Marketing Group has expanded digital and operational resources through its new relationship with, based in Ontario, Canada, with offices in Houston, Texas. partners have assumed ownership of Alison South, which will remain based in Aiken and Augusta with offices in Chattanooga and Fort Lauderdale and will continue operating under its current name. 

Mike Thomas, Kate Sanders and Cynthia South will continue to serve in leadership roles, while partner Vishal Shah will become president and acting chief operating officer, and partner Priya Betala will be chief financial officer. Alison South clients will continue their relationships with local account managers and benefit from additional expertise. 

 “We reflect on how our agency has constantly evolved over the past 13 years to anticipate and provide services needed to achieve our clients’ marketing goals,” said Thomas, the CEO. “By combining South Company resources with the Alison Group in 2016, we leveraged 30 years of experience and infrastructure to grow our size, capacity and in-house capabilities. We later added video, digital, web and podcasts. Now, Alison South has reached a new plateau and will once again elevate as we welcome new partners and move into the national arena.” 

Sanders added, “We searched for a partner to continue offering the top-level strategy, creativity and implementation our clients expect who has additional services and technology that will keep us at the forefront of a quickly growing and changing industry.” 

The team has management experience and operational resources that will help Alison South become more efficient, provide digital services that weren’t previously offered and have the capacity for growth, Sanders said. 

Shah said: “The Alison South team is very talented and adds branding, content creation and traditional media to our scope of services, which includes digital advertising, e-mail drip campaigns, online retail marketing, web and app development, lead generation and SEO.”

Thomas will continue as chief executive officer and focus on expanding into new markets; Sanders will shift to chief marketing strategist and will lead the brand and strategy team; South will manage corporate communications; Haley Weigle and Amber Lehmann will continue as regional vice presidents of Florida and Tennessee, respectively. 

“We are excited about the growth opportunities that lie ahead in 2023 for Alison South and our clients,” Thomas said.

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