Announcing the Recipients of the 2021 Walton Award - Phil & Marsha Jones of Augustal, GA

Monday, February 15th, 2021

The Selection Committee for the George & Dorothy Walton Award has announced that this year’s award will be given to Phil & Marsha Jones of Augusta, GA. The Walton Award is named for George & Dorothy Walton, a couple of the American Revolution. Their relentless efforts and generous service left a lasting mark on the state of Georgia and, more locally in the CSRA-area. AP Wealth Management presents this award annually to a CSRA couple who exemplify the legacy and values of George and Dorothy Walton. 

This year’s award will be presented on February 19th to the Jones in a small, socially-distanced reception, where they will receive a physical award and will give the honorary donation to St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in the Harrisburg neighborhood of Augusta, GA. The reception will be shared broadly on AP Wealth’s social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Website in the following days.

Phil & Marsha Jones were nominated for the 2020 Walton Award by community member Shep Gallagher who knew the Joneses from time together at Trinity on the Hill UMC. Since then, the Jones have served with St. Luke’s UMC in the Harrisburg neighborhood of Augusta, GA for the past 13 years. The Jones not only work with the church, but they also work with seemingly every other organization within the Harrisburg community to help the neighbors find homes, work, education, food and safety. Whenever they see a need, they try to find a way to help. Their dedication and creative solutions are truly making a difference in the Harrisburg neighborhood.

“Together, Marsha and Phil Jones have demonstrated selfless, Christian compassion for the people of Harrisburg.” – Russell Joel BrownGood Neighbor Ministries  & Boys With a Future

“Their ministry to persons in need, regardless of their circumstance, is truly a gift to everyone they encounter.” – Luther B. Felder, II, Senior Minister of St. Luke’s UMC, Augusta, GA

The Joneses don’t lose sight of the individual while working for the community, nor do they lose sight of the community while working for the individual. They have an amazing ability to impact so many by helping to provide security, safety and love.”– Shep Gallagher, Nominator

“Marsha and Phil give passionately and without hesitation – not only to do good, but to minimize harm. St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, the Harrisburg neighborhood – children in particular – and the citizens of Augusta-Richmond county have been, and continue to be, blessed by the commitment and service of the Joneses.” – Rev. Gregory K. Hatfield, Trinity on the Hill UMC

The Jones are actively involved in the following ministries in Harrisburg: