SRNS Surpasses 10 Million Safe Work Hours Milestone

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions employees have once again achieved an exceptional industrial safety milestone, having surpassed 10 million hours without a lost day of work due to an injury at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site. This is the second time that SRNS has achieved 10 million safe work hours in the last three years.

“Our technical capabilities are impressive, but above all, safety is our most important commitment. I am proud of that kind of culture,” said SRNS President and CEO Stuart MacVean.  SRNS’ over 5,300 employees began the safe work-hour streak approximately one year ago and since then have completed highly hazardous work in a nuclear environment, while maintaining a commitment to the safety of Site employees, the public and the environment.

In addition to their most recent safety milestone, SRNS was also awarded their 16th Voluntary Protection Program Star of Excellence from DOE Headquarters on August 28, 1017 at the Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association annual conference. This award is given to DOE contractors who exhibit exemplary performance in meeting safety and health goals, which result in achieving injury rates significantly below the average rates of similar businesses and operations.

This new safety achievement further demonstrates that SRNS employees are committed to creating safe, innovative, effective solutions for our country’s most pressing initiatives as they strive to make the world safer.