Columbia County Redesigns Website with Greater Speed and Ease for Citizens

Staff Report From Augusta CEO

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Columbia County is excited to announce the redesign of the county’s website ( making it more user-friendly for the citizens, visitors, and future residents of Columbia County. The goals of the new website include maintaining the integrity of the most used touchpoints, thus ensuring a satisfactory user experience. Collectively, this provides the community a way to find needed information with greater speed and ease. The former Columbia County website had over 800 pages of department based content which has been consolidated to 250 pages of user based content creating a sense of place for all users.

The project began in the summer of 2017 as a team worked to gather user analytics and information from the current website. After months of analyzing the data and identifying the goals for the website, a rigorous Request for Proposal process was initiated. Columbia County received multiple proposals from some of the world’s top website designers. Ultimately, the team proposed to complete the project alongside of the county’s current website vendor of 15 years, VISION internet. VISION has proven to be a reliable partner for the county. They specialize in government websites, ensuring that all website content meets accessibility guidelines, while providing continuous training to county employees.

County Administrator, Scott Johnson, states “Regardless the name or what our brand may be, we want to insure that we create a sense of place. When you come here, maybe you don’t know exactly what city you are in, and maybe you are not in an incorporated city at all, but you do know you like where you are.” As stewards of the community’s vision, Columbia County has worked hard to adapt and cater to the needs of our citizens, visitors and businesses. Through this new user friendly website, the county hopes citizens feel better connected.

In phase two of this project, the county is excited to unveil functionality for mobile devices that is unprecedented. We look forward to sharing more information on our cutting edge, one of a kind technology platform in the near future.