Augusta Tech Foundation Receives $6,000 Scholarship for Practical Nursing Program

Staff Report From Augusta CEO

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

The Augusta Technical College Foundation is pleased to announce that the Community Health Foundation, a service delivery line of CHSGa, has donated $6,000 in scholarships to support students enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program at Augusta Technical College. 

Named the CHSGa Practical Nursing Student Scholarship, the scholarships will be available later this spring as part of the College’s move to an online scholarship application portal, making it easier for students to locate and apply for scholarships. Eligibility criteria include enrollment in the Practical Nursing Program, good academic standing, and a completed FAFSA on file with the Office of Financial Aid. 

“This fund is being established as part of our relationship with the College, in particular to support students in the Practical Nursing Diploma Program. The CHSGa service delivery lines employ hundreds of LPNs throughout the state. As part of our initiative to support students’ pursuit of their entry-level careers and career paths, this scholarship fund seeks to set that process in motion,” stated Amy Abel, Director of Communications for CHSGa . “Students will be able to apply for funding to assist with books, uniforms, support for clinical experiences, and licensing exam preparations.”

Community Health Foundation, Inc. (CHF) is a non-profit charitable organization. The Foundation’s mission is to serve others through positive change by: 

1. Providing ministry and support to associates during a crisis time

2. Facilitating individual involvement in community projects; and

3. Helping to shape and model a more positive corporate culture.   

CHSGa has more than 15 years of delivering direct access to health services throughout Georgia. Through the service delivery lines they provide access to a wide range of comprehensive health services and programs, from skilled nursing care to pharmacy services, using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. As knowledgeable advisers, they are dedicated to assisting Georgians with health service decisions.