Club Car Unveils Club Car CRU

Staff Report

Friday, March 17th, 2023

For consumers looking for sustainable, carefree travel, the Club Car CRU is the perfect Neighborhood Electric Vehicle solution.

Club Car, a world-leading manufacturer of small-wheel, zero-emissions electric vehicles, today unveiled Club Car CRU, a street-legal lifestyle vehicle that will disrupt the low-speed vehicle (LSV) market for consumers. CRU expands Club Car's leading electric vehicle portfolio into a new, innovative category of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV). NEVs are designed to meet the needs of consumer seeking a more fun and sustainable option for short trips.

The CRU is much more than an enjoyable riding experience for passengers and drivers. With features like a table for riders to gather around and front bucket seats that can be flipped around to face rear passengers, the CRU offers a new way to socialize with neighbors, family, and friends. Club Car is launching CRU through an exciting campaign encouraging consumers to "Be a Detourist." The campaign illustrates the spontaneous, social, and easygoing lifestyle this vehicle enables.

"CRU is a game-changer for the electric vehicle market. It is a missing link in micro-mobility ecosystem" said Ross Atherton Vice President at Club Car. "With more than 60 years of innovation and a reputation for safety and high quality behind us, Club Car is reimagining an entirely new category of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. CRU is a sustainable and fun alternative to using a full-sized car to run errands or take quick trips around town. This vehicle directly meets the needs of consumers who currently use golf cars or other vehicles to run errands or take quick trips down the road in their neighborhoods. CRU is a sustainable and fun alternative to using a full-sized car to get around."

Club Car CRU is launching to a limited dealer network across AtlantaRaleighDallasPhoenixMiamiTampaOrlando and Charleston. Additional markets will open this year.

Read more details on Club Car CRU available at Automotive or electric vehicle dealers interested in becoming part of the Club Car CRU dealer network can visit the Club Car Become a Dealer site at Consumers can find a CRU dealer in their area can visit or contact 800-258-2227.