Partnership with CitySpin to Create a New Concert and Festival Venue

Staff Report From Augusta CEO

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Hippodrome, LLC is pleased to announce a partnership with CitySpin and the development of a master plan later this year to transform and rebrand the facility as Hippodrome Events Complex, a multi-purpose events venue for Augusta’s River Region.
The 155-acre facility located on Schultz Hill in North Augusta, SC with scenic views of the downtown Augusta skyline has primarily served as an equine events venue, but it is also home to the annual National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship. Development plans include maintaining these current uses and diversifying and improving the facility to better accommodate other types of events including expositions, fairs, markets, concerts, festivals, community events, and sports competitions.
The Hippodrome currently features a 52,500 square foot outdoor covered arena, a 45,000 square foot indoor arena, six barns containing 598 horse stalls, and support facilities. It serves the region as an evacuation center for livestock and other animals and will be at capacity this week as Hurricane Irma batters the southeastern coast of the United States.

CitySpin, an Augusta-based ticketing, and events marketing company, will partner with the Hippodrome Events Complex to provide ticketing and other services. The covered arena will be reconfigured into a new concert and festival venue and branded as “CitySpin Arena.” Preparations are currently underway to prepare the space for an upcoming iconic regional event hosted on Friday, November 3, 2017. Development of a long term comprehensive master plan will begin later this year.
”The Hippodrome Events Complex and CitySpin Arena will have a significant and ongoing positive economic impact on our community, said Brian J. Graham, the director of corporate events for Morris. “This investment will contribute to the enrichment of our cultural, entertainment, and sports scenes. I’m confident that this facility will be of service in many ways as our community continues to grow.”