State Expands Deer Baiting

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, June 29th, 2018

State Representative Christian Coomer (R-Cartersville) announced that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources board recently voted to allow deer hunting near feed stations statewide. 

“DNR’s recent change to Georgia’s deer baiting rule levels the playing field for all hunters in our state, regardless of where they live,” said Rep. Coomer. “Under this new rule, hunters in both north and south Georgia will be allowed to be as close as they want to feed stations. I support this change, and I thank DNR for providing all of Georgia’s hunters with this opportunity.”

DNR’s recent rule change lifts the distance requirement for hunters in Georgia’s northern zone so that all Georgia hunters may hunt as close as they choose to supplemental feed when hunting on private lands. Previously, hunters in Georgia’s northern zone were required to be 200 yards away and out of sight of supplemental feed, while hunters in Georgia’s southern zone could hunt from any distance. Georgia hunters still may not put out feed on state or federal lands. This new rule will be in effect for deer hunting season this fall.