Atlanta Gas Light to Resume Cleanup of Former Augusta MGP Site

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Beginning in July, Atlanta Gas Light will resume environmental cleanup efforts on properties in the vicinity of the former Augusta Manufactured Gas Plant that operated between 1852-1954 at Eighth Street and Walton Way.  Similar to hundreds of other U.S. manufactured gas plants in operation until the 1950s, the plant processed coal to produce gas, which fueled city street lamps, industries and homes. Production also left behind coal tar residues that require cleanup under modern standards.
While most of the impacted area, including all surface soil, was remediated over ten years ago, some impacted soils need to be addressed that remain tens of feet below the ground surface in the areas of Walton Way and the original site of the Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church building, which was successfully moved earlier this month to a nearby location on Taylor Street in a partnership with the Augusta Canal Authority.
Cleanup activities are expected to last approximately 18 months and periodic notices will be sent out informing the community about progress throughout the project.  In fact, Atlanta Gas Light will provide ongoing updates on its website page
The process will include mobilizing construction equipment, treating or removing and replacing impacted soil, and restoring the site.  Impacted soil will be removed under very controlled conditions and disposed appropriately in a certified, non-hazardous disposal facility.
Once cleanup is underway, people in the immediate area may occasionally notice an odor similar to road building material, such as asphalt. The organic odor comes from the coal tar residue, but it does not present a health hazard. The site will be monitored for noise, air quality and other measures throughout the construction project and odor will be minimized through construction practices.
A portion of Walton Way will close for up to eight months. Taylor, Eighth and D’Antignac streets and a portion of the bike path along the Third Level Canal will close for the duration of the project.  Natural gas and other utility services are not expected to be disrupted during this process.
Once restoration is complete and environmental approval from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division is obtained, the Company will work with the community to determine the future use of the property.
Atlanta Gas Light is committed to being a good corporate citizen in every community we serve.  As with all work by the Company, safety is the top priority. Great care will be taken in all phases of the project.