SRS Personnel Honored for Support to NNSA Mission

Staff Report

Friday, October 30th, 2020

Thirty Savannah River Site (SRS) personnel have been honored for outstanding accomplishments in support of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) office responsible for ensuring Nuclear Security Enterprise facili- ties are safely operated, effectively managed, and sufficiently maintained to meet mission needs.

Each year, the NNSA Office of Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations (NA-50) presents Awards of Excellence to a select group of teams and individuals who achieve significant accomplishments involving innovation, effectiveness, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and enabling future success. This year, SRS personnel – including employees from NNSA-Savannah River Field Office, Department of Energy (DOE)- Savannah River Operations Office, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and smaller direct NNSA contractors – served the Nation as part of five teams selected for the honor.

“The NA-50 Excellence Awards are a way of recognizing incredible accomplishments of the NNSA employ- ees and teams at the heart of mission success,” said Jim McConnell, Associate Administrator, Office of Infrastructure, Safety, and Operations. “The SRS recipients exemplify the hard work and innovation at the core of these awards.”

The honorees included:

- A team that accelerated a complicated power line relocation, under budget, in a secure area of SRS which processes tritium for the U.S. nuclear deterrent
- A team that applied a science-based modeling system to identify emerging infrastructure needs
- A Savannah River National Laboratory team that certified a shipping package, safely doubling the ship- ping capacity to better serve upcoming missions

- Two individuals who worked as part of a DOE/NNSA-wide team supporting the DOE/NNSA Explosives Safety Program
- Several individuals whose active participation in a team with other NNSA and contractor personnel pro- duced the analyses, documentation and public involvement related to the proposed plutonium pit produc- tion mission, to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act

“I am always proud of the way SRS personnel support NNSA’s crucial missions,” said Jeffrey Allison, acting NNSA-Savannah River Field Office Manager. “What is really striking about these particular achievements is their positive impact on the future. In each case, they contributed in a meaningful way to enhancing the ability to safely and securely carry out NNSA’s important work that helps to keep our Nation safe.”

NNSA activities at SRS primarily serve two NNSA missions: managing the nuclear stockpile and non- proliferation. The Site prepares the tritium supply for our national defense and is making preparations for a proposed mission to produce plutonium pits to meet requirements of the Nation’s nuclear deter- rent. Supporting nonproliferation goals, SRS is carrying out the Surplus Plutonium Disposition mission to permanently dispose of weapons-grade plutonium declared excess to national security, with priority on disposition and removal of plutonium previously consolidated at Savannah River Site.