Georgia Small Business Resources for Women-owned and Minority-owned Businesses

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

On Tuesday, August 31, the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) presented another edition in their series of informational small business webinars. This time, they teamed up with Sandra Font from ACE Women’s Business Center as she conducted a panel discussion with three of the center’s successful clients to discuss how to start and run a successful women-owned business. 

If you missed this webinar, you can watch the entire webinar online here

Did you know in Georgia, the: 

•    Percentage of business owners who are female: 38.2%
•    Total number of female business owners: 184,122
•    Total number of female business owners (incorporated firms): 66,354
•    Total number of female business owners (unincorporated firms): 117,768
•    Communities of Savannah and Augusta-Richmond County are ranked No. 10 (43.3%) and        No. 14 (42.7%), respectively for U.S. midsize metros with the most female business owners
•    Most active industries for female business owners: Professional, Scientific, and Management,          and Administrative, and Waste Management Services, and Other Services, except Public                  Administration

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The speakers for this event included:

•    Sandra Font, Senior Director of ACE Women’s Business Center Metro Atlanta
•    Amia Guild, Owner of Takes a Village Transportation
•    Clara Richardson-Olguin, Owner of CIC Floors, LLC
•    Talia Holmes, Owner of Sweet Joy Ice Cream Bar

Programs offered by ACE WBC include: 

•    Capital
•    Loans
•    Investor real estate 
•    Technical Assistance 
•    Post-loan support
•    Online resource tool box
•    Business Cohorts
•    Connections
•    Partnerships with local organizations 
•    Networking events
•    Referrals 

Services offered by ACE WBC include: 

•    Workshops and Business Series
•    Lunch & Learn Virtual Presentations
•    One-on-One Business Consultations
•    Hispanic Entrepreneurship Series
•    Access to On-Demand Webinars (Multiple business topics)
•    Information on “Ten Steps to Start a Business”
•    Information about Access to Capital and Loan Products
•    Online Business Education Platform & Business Plan Generator
•    ACE Annual Speed Coaching
•    Annual Multicultural Business Summit
•    Women-owned Small Business Certification Cohort Series
•    Connections to other resources