What’s happening at Augusta University? Week of Feb. 7-13

Kevin Faigle

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

This week: Expansion at the Writing Center will give students and faculty more opportunities, working from home means people need better security from possible hackers and Augusta University celebrates Black History Month with a look at local history.

Augusta University recognizes Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, the Student National Dental Association is hosting a History of Augusta speaking event at noon, Feb. 9 at the J. Harold Harrison, MD Education Commons. Leon Maben from the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History will speak about his journey and the purpose and significance of the museum.

Augusta University is also hosting other events to celebrate the past and present achievements of Black people.

Full-time remote work makes computer security a priority 

The modern office has changed in the last couple of years and working from home is the new norm for many. Taking steps to keep your home-office computer safe from hackers is as important as ever. “The best way to keep work materials safe would be to have a separate device that is used only for work. Since most may not have that, the next best way is to use a device that has minimal other use,” said Dr. Jeffrey Morris, assistant professor at the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences.

“Cybercriminals are aware that many people are working from home and trying to gain access to company networks by breaking into home computers and waiting for the user to log into company networks or cloud storage.”

The Writing Center is expanding to assist with growing demands

Augusta University’s Writing Center is expanding with more full-time staff. “Our mission is really simple. It is to help all writers, regardless of their rank, their major, their discipline or their ability, to improve their writing and communication skills,” said Dr. Candis Bond, an associate professor of English and director of the Writing Center.

Just like any other skill, the only way to get better is to consistently practice. As they go forward with staffing, in addition to increasing offerings for one-on-one support, they also plan to implement professional development opportunities for faculty.

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