Chuck E. Cheese Completes Brand Transformation in Georgia with $6.25M in CapEx Investment

Staff Report

Thursday, July 20th, 2023

Chuck E. Cheese, the number one global family entertainment fun center, announced its commitment to the Georgia market with investments in physical infrastructure to its 13 fun centers in Georgia, technology upgrades to its entertainment and live shows with Chuck E. Cheese and Friends, and professional developments of its employees and managers.   

Nearly 300 remodeled and refreshed Chuck E. Cheese fun centers across the country have been celebrating with local guests through grand re-opening festivities. These free events highlight an average of 15 new games, All-You-Can-Play promotions, menu innovation and a new entertainment concept that brings the beloved characters to life with Chuck E. Live! Show, a fully immersive dance-along and concert with music, lights, and an interactive dance floor exclusively at Chuck E. Cheese. 

"Every one of the Georgia fun centers are now fully upgraded, and our guests can enjoy the exciting new experience that takes Chuck E. Cheese to the next level for family fun,” said David McKillips, President and CEO of CEC Entertainment, LLC., parent company of Chuck E. Cheese. "This investment reflects our strong belief in Georgia, our strategic drive for sustainable long-term growth, and will empower us to meet the evolving demands of our guests. We will continue to provide innovative entertainment that delivers a wholesome, exciting, and fun experience for families with young children.” 

The investment is meant to solidify the Company’s position as a leading player in the family entertainment industry in Georgia and drive innovation that will benefit guests, employees, and the community at large. The capital expenditure is primarily allocated towards the following key initiatives:  

1. Infrastructure Development: investing in upgrading and expanding our 13 fun centers to accommodate increased capacity, more games, a brighter environment with more modern upgrades to fit our guests needs. This includes enhancements in facilities, like self-service capabilities, free Wi-Fi, table charging and ordering, among other upgrades, new entertainment elements such as a large video wall and an interactive dance floor to amplify the iconic character program and original content in-stores, including state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and systems.  

2. Product and Menu Innovation: the CapEx investment also fuels marketing, advertising, research, and development efforts focused on offering new and improved products and services tailored to the specific needs of parents and kids. This includes testing and launching new food concepts, like new categories of desserts with seasonal cupcakes, premium cake slices, and dessert platters, LTO pizzas, the launch of delivery and carryout and the launch of the first mobile app that helps guests plan their visit, manage the Chuck E. Cheese rewards program and redemptions and is the central hub for savings, deals, gifts, birthday parties and more.   

3. Talent Acquisition and Training: attracting top talent and providing comprehensive training programs to empower the workforce has been fundamental and that is why the brand has hired 47 and successfully provided over 690 hours of training in the last year. This will ensure that the Company has highly skilled and motivated teams to deliver exceptional guests experiences. 

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