New Facility Focuses on First Days of Motherhood

Staff Report From Augusta CEO

Friday, December 20th, 2019

Pediatric Partners of Augusta is excited to announce that it is opening the Bella Bambino Newborn Care Center this month.

The first of its kind in the Augusta area, Bella Bambino Newborn Care Center has been created as a resource to support and educate new parents as they navigate their first few weeks with their newborn.

 “So many times, moms come to see me when the problems have already gotten bad. If I could’ve seen them right after discharge, it would’ve made things much easier on them,” said Sally Wood, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant

 at Bella Bambino.

At Bella Bambino, lactation consultants and medical professionals will see the mother and newborn together as a breastfeeding or formula-feeding pair. This visit is longer than the typical visit, as it requires additional resources to make the time as informative and educational as possible.

Dr. Karen Foushee, a founding partner of Pediatric Partners, said she often hears concerns from new mothers who took their newborns home 24 to 36 hours after delivery.

Bella Bambino works to address those concerns by crafting a care plan that specifically addresses a mother’s needs and goals. After each visit in the Bella Bambino Newborn Care Center, a letter that includes an assessment of the visit and detailed care plan will be sent to her OB/GYN and the newborn’s pediatrician. Mothers and newborns do not have to be patients of Pediatric Partners to visit Bella Bambino.